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A couple practising latin in dance studio
A couple dancing in a practise class

So, you have started coming to our dance classes and private lessons, and you hear us say "Go and practise what you remember from the class and we will see you back next week. "

Are you thinking to yourself - I don't have enough time to practise, or the space in my place to practise ?

Let us give you some easy ways to practise that won't take up to much time or space. It will help you improve your skills in dancing too.

Tip #1 - Write down the figures/moves in your own words

I still use this one - As a visual learner, I like to write things down in my own words or sometimes draw what the figures look like. I would generally do this just after my lessons, as it was still fresh in my head.

Tip #2 - Put the music on and think about dancing the routine in your head

Yes, It may sound silly but it works. Try it now, put on music for a Cha Cha Cha like Chilly Cha Cha. Now close your eyes and think of dancing your New Yorkers and Spot turns to the music. You're practising without having to move and you don't need too much space for this one either.

Tip #3 - Break it up into parts

If you find it easier to dance through what you want to learn but have very little space to practise then break the moves/ figures up into parts. For example in Waltz work on the natural turn , focus on one thing you would like to work on such as your footwork.

Tip #4 - Walk through the figures you have learnt just after class

When it's still fresh in your mind - walk through the dance for about 5 minutes after class/ lesson, This one is great for Kinesthetic learners .

Tip #5 - Focus on repeating an figures/movements for 5 minutes day

Set some time aside to practise the figures, movements for 5 minutes a day this will help with your muscle memory. I suggest in the morning, but everyone is different.

We are all unique dancers and we all retain information differently

Remember everyone learns differently, so the ways you practise will be slightly different. Let us know how you practise your figures and dances to improve what you have learned and to retain the knowledge. 

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So you have decided to take your first step into the ballroom dancing world after watching DWTS and Strictly Ballroom. Your first couple of thoughts are that go through your mind are do I need to buy shoes, what do I wear ? What do a bring? What is like at my first class ? Can I go on my own or do a need to bring a friend ? How do I pay ?

What do I wear for my first dance classes ? For your first couple of classes at EVE Dance we suggest wearing shoes, closed in shoes like runners, dress shoes.

Avoid wearing flip flops or sandals that aren't secure at the heel because most steps are travelling backwards and your shoes will slip off. If you are thinking to dance barefoot we recommend you don't as we dance on wooden floors and don't want you get a splinter in your foot.

Once you have decided you would like to buy your first pair of ballroom dance shoes, head to our dancewear page .

Where to go? M&M Dance Supplies. If you mention you are a student of EVE Dance then you get a special discount. We recommend a lower heel to begin with and then work your way up.

For clothing - we suggest comfortable clothing such as , business pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, Business shirts , Polo shirts and activewear. Nothing to restrictive to stop movement.

Don't forgot to bring a drink bottle, a towel and wear deodorant - You'll be very surprised how quickly you can work up a sweat..... Yes even at your first classes !

You are using new muscle groups or using them in a different way than before.

Do I need to bring a friend or can I go on my own ? The choice is yours - you are not required to bring a friend a there are generally enough people to dance with or you'll dance with the teacher.

So, you have made to your first class.... you walk up to the venue and walk into the venue you'll be greeted by our friendly receptionist- they will check you in, get you contact details to add you to our mailing list for updates and get you pay (by they our classes are you pay as you go ) No lock in contacts.

Dance the night away -You'll then be greeted by your dance teachers either myself (Vanessa) or Evan. We will teach the basics of the dance we are teaching including the beats and rhythms, figures of the dance you'll be learning. There will be of course the music of dance your learning playing and we get you all together to dance to the music and meet new people along the way!

If you have someone who has wanted to learn to dance, pass these handy tips to them. We are open for classes on Tuesday night's from 7pm unless stated otherwise. To book in for our Absolute beginners class go to our book online page.

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