About Us 

We started EVE Dance because we wanted to share our passion for Ballroom Dancing with the world (starting with Melbourne and currently in North East suburbs. )


We believe that everyone can become a dancer with the right training and care. 

We are also an Registered Training Facility (RTF) with DanceSport Australia.

Evan Sutherland

Over 15 years competing in all 3 styles of DanceSport registered events (Standard, Latin American and New Vogue). 

Evan can also teach the basics of Argentine Tango.

Vanessa Sutherland 


Over 10 years Dancing in DanceSport Medalist events and registered events (Standard, Latin American and New Vogue).

She loves teaching beginners and Bridal dances.

Evan and Vanessa


Have been competing together since 2011 and been married (to each other) since 2014. 

Achievements throughout the years of dancing together: 

They are 2 x Adelaide Spectacular 10 Dance Champions. 

Professional New Vogue Finalists in Victorian Championships in 2017. 

Professional New Vogue Finalists in the 72nd Australian DanceSport Championships.

Being apart of Moomba Parade in 2018 and having the opportunity to dance on Sunrise during the morning weather section at 6 am in the morning. 


EVE Dance - New Vogue
EVE Dance = Family
EVE Dance - 10 dance Champions