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About our Story

We founded EVE Dance because we wanted to share our passion and years of experience for Ballroom Dancing with everyone, who wanted to learn to dance.  
Our belief is that everyone can learn dance, and everyone has the potential to become a dancer. We create a warm and friendly environment, to learn to first steps of ballroom dancing and be guided to be an independent dancer.  

Our name EVE Dance is an acronym for Evan, Vanessa, and Everyone can learn to Dance.  

core values
Eve Dance aims to be an inclusive, welcoming, down to earth and approachable dance studio.
Who are supportive of students' individual goals in dancing. 


Evan Sutherland

Founder/ Principal 


At EVE Dance, we are proud of our founder and lead instructor, Evan.  Over 20 years of professional ballroom dancing experience, he teaches beginners through to  DanceSport couples. 

Vanessa Sutherland 

Co- Founder/Principal


Vanessa has over 15 years of experience in DanceSport registered events.

She takes pride in sharing my passion for dance with her students. From beginners to advanced dancers, community groups, and wedding couples, she loves teaching anyone who has a passion for dance.

However, what brings her the most joy is seeing the excitement on her students faces when they realise how incredible it feels to dance. 

Her recent achievements are hosting a dance class with Greenhills neighbourhood house to celebrate senior's week. She is currently a tutor at Rosanna fire station community house teaching Latin and Ballroom. 

Additionally, she was invited to serve as guest teacher at the State Dance Association Australia Dance Camp in April 2024. 

Evan and Vanessa 

Husband and wife duo

They been competing together since 2011 and been married since 2014. 

Achievements throughout the years of dancing together: 

  • 2 x Adelaide Spectacular adult 10 Dance Champions 2013 & 2014

  • Professional New Vogue Finalists in Victorian Championships in 2017. 

  • Professional New Vogue Finalists in Outside Change Championships 2017

  • Professional New Vogue Finalists in the 72nd Australian DanceSport Championships.

  • Being apart of Moomba Parade in 2018 and having the opportunity to dance on Sunrise during the morning weather section at 6 am in the morning. 

  • Professional New Vogue Championships at Evolution 2023' 


Tango_PhotobyJames Wang
EVE Dance - 10 dance Champions
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